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I am just a newbie in the bookish world and even if I have read some pretty good books in the past, I did not really put my effort and time to follow all the updates on what everyone have been reading all this time! there are so many catching up to do and I am both excited and a little panicky when it comes to picking which book to read first and what book should i read next.

I have been self reflecting upon how my reading attitude, and since now I am seriously wantng to build my blog on books (which i would never regret), I have decided to put on a list of reading goals slash bookish resolution for my reading agenda for the rest of the year.

The purpose of me making this list is so that I could (hopefully) catch up with the newer books but finishing the older books first. I do not wish to directly jump into new releases because I just seemed too rushing and I do care about experiences and knowloedge upon other books that have been writen before today, so when it comes to referencing, I would likely not to be lost in the middle of a bokish conversation.

Without further rambling, here are my list of goals/resolutions and planning of books that I want to read for the rest of the year:


It has always been my personal embarrassment that there haven't been a lot of classical books that I have ever read in my life. The ones that I have already read are awesome though, and that is why I am putting this group of books on my reading list because I want to explore more of them. The classical books that I have read in the past made me feel like a different person because (maybe) by the way it was written, the context and characteristics of manner people had on those times really reveals itself through the books written on that specified era. I have read other historical fiction that was written in our recent ages and I can tell that there is a sounding difference between those two types of writing. They might have been talking about the same time setting, but when books are written contemporary to the actual era, the story becomes more livelier, believable and nothing can beat the fascination out of it! 


I am planning to read more books that have been, or are going to be adapted into movies. When reading, we form a certain imagination skills which sometimes can be an obstacle in translation between the words and our minds. I really don't mind reading because most of the time, I do prefer my imaginations over the director's, but honestly though, movies made the books more alive! Sometimes movie adaptations could turn out bad but that's an external case. Moreover, since there are a lot of books to be recommended, but I couldn't help myself to pick some, books that have gone through a process which it then was turned into a movie was a simple and also trustworthy recommendation I could rely on.


A simple way to go through a sum of books - based on my personal experience - is by reading a series. Series usually hooked me up on both the stories and the character which made my mood and desire to read even higher. 


To me - and I believe also to many people out there - chick literature are one of the easiest reads compared to other genres. The words on chick lit books are made easy to understand and are super reliable hence the contemporary setting. I believe we shouldn't restrain ourselves against fun books! Chick lits always makes me laugh, cry, blush, crazy, and to sum it all, chic lits are super entertaining and the possibility of reading them in one sitting is a way to pile up my reading number too!

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